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"Elbrus climb short Classic"

Attention! With the weather going worse orientation on smooth slopes of Elbrus is very difficult! Seeing a cloud - lens above top of Elbrus or clouds above Ushba and Donguz - Orun tops you must postpone or stop the climb. From the first attributes of a bad weather before the full loss of visibility there can be not more than 3 hours.
Price: $ 650
Feature tour:
The description of the route of an ascent Mt. Elbrus Western 2a category of complexity.
  1. Barrels (3780m) Shelter(4050m) 1,5 hours. Movement on snowy-ice fields. In area of a plateau before rise on the Shelter 11 can be cracks. Closely!
  2. Shelter (4050m) Pastukhovs rocks 2-3 hours. Rising goes between two rocky ridges (4300), further snowy-ice rise (15-20 , 50m) with an output on a plateau under Pastukhovs rocks. Rising to "Pastukhovs rocks" goes on the closed glacier (20o). Crevasses here are not open. On a plateau the approach under the bottom stones of the Pastukhovs rocks (5 , in summertime the rockfall is possible). Further rise on the top part of the Pastukhovs rocks by a snowy-ice slope with a steepness15o-20o.
  3. Pastukhovs rocks (4600m) - "Traverse"(5000m) 1-1,5 hours. Snowy-ice rise 500-600m with the steepness 15o-20o. Rising up, passing ice excesses (but it is impossible to go far to the left, to avoid  dumps in southern glacial circus) and turning to the left, we come to the traverse turn (5000m).
  4. "Traverse" (5000) motorcycle couloirs (5340) 2-2,5 hours. Flat enough traverse with smooth ascent. Steepness of a slope on inclined traverse is 15o, sometimes - up to 25o.
  5. Motorcycle couloirs (5340) to  a saddle (5350) 3040 minutes. Passing the bottom of the Eastern top (400-500m). On this site you can smell  the sulphurous gas which is going from the fumaroles on a southern slope. With an up-to-face wind it is a serious handicap for the climbers. By traverse rising up to a saddle, you should move cautiously by the pass. There can be crevasses. On the left, under slopes of the western top there is the beginning of the snowy mulde, where the roof of a  ruibed  hut can be seen.
  6. The saddle (5350m) out on the plateaus top (5550m) 1-1,5 hours. In 50 m from a hut turn to the right and on abrupt enough snow slope (30-35o) it is risen up to a rocky ridge. Before a ridge there can be an ice spot. In this place usage of fixed ropes is advisable.
  7. Plateaus top (5550m) Mt. Elbrus Western (5642m). From here, rising up and to the left to the plateaus top. By a 400m flat site we rise on a low dome of the top (40 minutes-1 hour).
  8. Mt. Elbrus Western is represented by a small, snowy-ice rise with steepness 15o and a stone pedestal above.
  9. Descent.

In connection with the fact  that in winter season slopes of Elbrus above Pastukhovs rocks, as a rule, look like a huge ice mirror more than 500 meters long, all movement there demands a certain climbing preparation. Therefore we  recommend   the tourists wishing to make a winter Elbrus ascent  should have definite  tourist or climbing experience on an ice relief using crampons, and realize the problem before you start. It often happens that people come to Elbrus in wintertime without necessary preparation. In a similar situation it is strongly recommended that you should  take an individual guide for the ascent.

Good luck  while climbing!

Technically easy Elbrus climb enables you to see all the Caucasus from the birds eye height. The unforgettable impression takes a panorama changing while you go on. Climbing at a dawn when in beams of a rising sun in the West to see  a huge shadow of Elbrus above horizon is a special event.

Route: Mineralnye Vody airport- Terskol - hotel - Barrels on Elbrus - Elbrus top 5642m - Barrels on Elbrus - Terskol - hotel - Mineralnye Vody airport

Day 1. Flight to Mineralny Vody, Transfer to Terskol.
Air flight to Mineral Vody, meeting in airport by our representative. Transfer to the Elbrus region (4 hours), accommodation at the hotel. Briefing with the guide on personal equipment, preparing for outing to Azau.

Day 2. Azau station Diezelhut (4055).
Rising by the cableway to the station "Mir, then using chairlift to the station "Garabashi. Azau (2200m) Staryi Krugozor (2950m) Mir (3500m) Garabashi (3750m). Ascent Discussion of the tactic of the ascent to the Mt. Elbrus, viewing and selection of personal equipment, preparing for the ascent. Overnight mountain hut 3900 m

Day 3. Ascent Mt Elbrus (Western, 5642m). first possible summit ascent
Day of ascent. An early start (at 3 oclock). If you take a ratrak to the Rocks, you can start later, at 4-5 a.m. The climb will take you 12-16 hours with the way down to the Barrels. Moving on skies or crampons, depending on the snow condition. If there is a lot of snow, you can go up to the saddle by skies; if it is not possible, you can leave them in the end of ridge or at the Pastukhovs rocks. The track to top is marked by landmarks, but it is advisable to go on climbing only in good weather. There are o lots of closed crevasses on the glacier, and you should keep the path. You should go only using crampons. In May and November the slope to the saddle can have long part of pure ice. In this case the route is possible only for well-prepared sportsmen. Especially dangerous is the way down (3,5 km at a steepness 30o) They say, in an ideal weather from the top you can see both the Caspian and the Black seas
mountain hut 3900 m

Day 4. Descent to the Azau. Transfer to Mineralny Vody.
Handing in certificates on climbing to Mt. Elbrus and Elbrus T-shirts.
Price per person: from 650€
Price includes
1. "Alpindustria staff company for all the program.
2. Transport. All transfers according to the program (Minvody airport hotel- airport, transfers in the region).
3. Accommodation. SGL hotel rooms 1 night HB,
4. The mountain hut 3900 m accommodation on Elbrus 2 nights FB.
5. An English -speaking guide.
6. Elbrus cable-way return tickets according to the program.
7. Food. Full board in the Caucasus - 2 meals a day in hotel restaurants. Lunch in cafes. Pocket lunch while touring and climbing.
8. Certificates on Elbrus expedition.
9. Cook service on Elbrus.
10. Rental kitchen equipment.
11. Tickets for cablewaychairlift during the program
12. Local and state tourist taxes:
a. Passports registration;
b. Visa invitation;
c. National Park permit for climbing
Price does not include
1. Single accommodation.
2. Additional food and drinks.
3. Additional transfers and cable-way tickets (not included in the program)
4. Equipment rental.
5. Ratrak (snow grooming machine) for climbing to the Pastukhovs Rocks . (600 euro per ratrak)
6. Ratrak (snow grooming machine) for climbing to the 5000 m . (1000 euro per ratrak)
7. Extra night in Elbrus hotel if coming from Elbrus earlier than it was planned.

Not included:
Domestic and international air fare. Insurance.

Only ONE attempt of climbing Elbrus is included.
Documents required
During the trip:
- for the Russians Russian passport
- for foreign citizens - international passport, migration card, visa.
For booking:
passport copy
Clothes and equipment

Equipment rental. The price of the full set of equipment for Elbrus climbing is from 1000 rub per day for 1 pax. For booking equipment you should inform us beforehand giving the boot and clothes sizes.

Ascent Clothing

Thermal underwear.

Sweater/thin fleece shirt.

Fleece/windblock jacket and trousers.

Gortex (membrane tissue) jacket and trousers.

Warm cap.

Wind-proof mask (balaclava)

Mittens (its better to have two pairs).

Warm socks.


You can take a warm down jacket with you.

Plastic or leather boots designed for ascents. Its better to have welted boots and climbing crampons with automatic bindings.


Comfortable climbing harness.

3 carabiners.



Telescope ski poles.

Sun glasses.

Sun cream.

Climbing crampons with automatic bindings (matching your boots).


Sometimes, we have a rest sitting on a stone, thats why its good to have a carrimat to sit on. You can use it inside your tent: it can be placed under a gas stove or a hot pan.

Sleeping bag to keep you warm when camping (a comfortable temperature of +10).


Climbing Mt.Elbrus is an active kind of sport in the mountains potentially dangerous for the life and health for all the participants of this program.. Our guides will provide the necessary level of safety in case you will follow the Safety Insruction. The guide has a radio, GPS, mobile telephone, all necessary group equipment.

Decision of stopping the programme when the weather and snow conditions impose a threat to lives of the participants is in exclusive competency of the guide accompanying the group on the route and can not be discussed. The guide is responsible for providing safety on all kinds of mountain relief.

All guests should have medical insurance in case of incidents or immediate illness which can cover medical and other expenses in emergency.
Additional information
If coming from Elbrus earlier than it was planned the guest is responsible for extra night in Elbrus hotels.
There is no refund for the huts booked beforehand. Please meet this with respect. In the rush season there are not places available for all the coming people. So we book the sleeping places beforehand considering all reserve days.
It is worth buying souvenirs, keep it in your budget.
In the valley there are many cafes and restaurants, mostly local cuisine. Dinner or lunch will cost you 300 rub and more.
Booking ratrak on the climbing day costs 400 euro for the whole machine (up to 10 pax). Skipass 900 rub a day,
Excursion sliticket to Cheget and Elbrus costs 600 rub.
During the trips the guide has the first medical kit. In any place it is possible to contact the Rescue service. It is necessary for you to have individual medicines.
Down the valley it can be up to +30 C. On the mountain on the altitude of 3500m it can be from +15 to -5, on the top depending on the weather from +10 to -15. In bad weather we prefer to stay in.
Down the valley it can be up to -20 C, but it is seldom, usually it is , -5 -10 C. On the mountain it can be up to -40 on 5000 m.
You will be accompanied by a guide of our Company. "Alpindustria-Terskolstaff is at your service
Transport (hide)
For transfer we use comfortable sedans (depending on the group size) or minibuses (for 10-15 people) like Mercedes, Volkswagen, or Ford. For small groups we use sedans Transfer airport hotel airport is a group one and is made once on the arrival day and once on the departure day. In case of necessity we can book an individual car for extra fee.
To come to the Barrels hut we use the cableway skilift. To reach the Pastukhov rocks you can book a ratrak.
We offer you complete and balanced meals useful for people exercising up in the mountains. They include vegetables, meat, fish, bread, cereals, tea, coffee, and milk.
If you have food restrictions (for example you are a vegetarian), you should warn us beforehand. Well try our best to make you feel comfortable.
You can write your wishes.
Our phones: +7(812)786-84-09, +7 911-228-03-01    +7(911) 920 4 920
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